fit20 is looking for...

... energetic and enterprising people who want to build a successful business and are passionate about helping people improve their health and fitness. Whether you want to own a single studio, multiple studios, or develop an entire territory, we'd love to have a chat with you.


Much of your success will depend on your ability to network within your community.

Health & Fitness

You don't need to be a personal trainer to own a fit20 franchise, but it is important to have an interest and passion for healthy living and fitness.


Exceeding client expectations is your key to success. So, it is essential that you and your staff understand and practice this principle every day with every client.


Owning a fit20 franchise is challenging, rewarding and fun. We support and help you succeed.

What's it like to be a fit20 franchise owner?

Starting any new business can be hard work. fit20 is no different. But, you will work with a proven success model with lots of support where you need it. Many of the aspects that make starting a new business difficult and frustrating are taken care of in the fit20 franchise model. You’re not in it alone because you have a support team behind you.

Most fit20 franchise owners focus their time on business development. This means they are networking and marketing, not doing long hours of tedious administrative tasks.

Many fit20 owners hire training staff once they get busy.

An increasing number of fit20 franchisees own more than one studio.

What training do I get as a fit20 franchise owner?

We will enroll you in our fit20 Academy to make you an expert in the fit20 training method. We also train you to be an effective studio owner. That means you’ll learn everything about our training method, and about our business system for success. Part of the training is online, but you’ll also spend a week with us in Sheffield, where we have our UK headquarters.

We also have extensive training modules for the trainers that you’ll hire on later, and we offer follow-up training sessions. The initial training is included in your start fee and we charge reasonable fees for staff training and refresher sessions. An important part of our fit20 success model is to keep you and your staff updated on all the latest development and action points.


How much does a fit20 Franchise studio cost?

The entry fee for a single studio starts at £15,000 and larger areas are available from £50,000 for territory developers. Obviously, there are other costs involved. You can choose to lease or purchase equipment, and the fit out costs for your new studio will influence your total startup expense. Floor space requirement of only 600 sq feet allows you to minimise rental overheads.

We believe it’s important that you are thoroughly informed about all aspects of buying a fit20 franchise. You can find all this information in our Franchise Pack.

How do fit20 Owners make money?

We work with a membership model. Clients commit to a 6-month contract after which they go month-to-month. Payment is by direct debit, which means you minimise your bookkeeping activities. Client payments are essentially automatic. You can scale up your income by opening more studios, because you don't have to limit your aspirations to just one studio. The more studios you have, the greater your income potential. You minimise overheads because your studio only need to be about 600sq feet, and this maximises profitability. You can also earn money by selling fit20 merchandise or other approved items.

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