Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our mission:

"We add strength to your life"

High intensity strength training is the most important form of training for overall health and wellness. This includes resilience, vigor, cognitive function and mental focus. We add strength so you can get the most out of your life.

Our vision:

"Strength changes everything"

Strength is one of the best predictors of survival and longevity. Strength improves almost every health outcome and is therefore paramount for general health and well-being at all ages. We want strength for all people.

Our 4 core values:

Personal attention

We always give all the attention that is needed for the best results.

Realising potential

Everyone has endless possibilities, physically, mentally and emotionally. We help to achieve this potential.

Learning is everything

Everything can always improve. Continuing education is a prerequisite for success.

We share success

We learn from each other's success. Our choices are based on knowledge, experience and a growing capacity to learn.

What's the history of fit20?

After 9 years of development, Walter Vendel, our founder and CEO, opened the first fit20 studio in Zwolle, The Netherlands. We now have more than 100 studios open in The Netherlands, Belgium, Qatar, USA and the UK.

We are a strong well-established organization expanding rapidly and plan to open many more studios worldwide in the next few years.

What can I expect from fit20 in the future?

Every year people become more aware of the importance of prevention and healthy lifestyle. Longevity is something they are willing to invest in and fit20 can play a central role. This means we have tremendous growth potential.

Remember, our clients are people who don’t feel attracted to most other fitness options, so we are not competing with everyone else. We continuously work to keep our model, systems and technologies cutting edge. This ongoing evolution ensures our franchise owners have the competitive edge they need to win.

Only 15% of people in the UK belong to gyms. The ideal fit20 client belongs to the other 85% of people in the UK. And that's a good thing because our target market is 5 times greater than the overcrowded gym market. This gives your fit20 business huge potential!

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