fit20 is...


Training the fit20 way is safe, effective and only 20 minutes per week.


fit20 training is a way of life so most members stick with it. They love the results, convenience and having a weekly routine.


fit20 is high intensity personal strength training. Always with a personal trainer.


fit20 works. Guaranteed! Results are tracked and shared with customers.

How does the fit20 formula work?

Unlike other fitness franchises, you work directly with only one or two clients at a time. No others are present in the studio. No distractions, just 20 minutes of concentrated effort to get optimal results for your clients. Our training system is backed by solid scientific evidence.

The studio space is modern and peaceful. Most of our clients are busy people who aren’t interested in regular gyms. We use technology to record our clients’ training data, so we can track and show progress, and ensure optimal training.

Clients love the results they get from their fit20 training. They also love the fact that this is personal fitness, so there are no prying eyes. Having a standing weekly appointment keeps people on track to reach their goals. The training is powerful and short, and because clients don’t need to change or shower they’re back to work or play in 20 minutes. Clients also love the relationship they develop with their trainer who is their coach to a healthy lifestyle.

What's different about fit20 training?

Well, quite a bit is different. Our training model is based on modern scientific evidence, not on fleeting trends. This means some of what you will learn as a fit20 owner and trainer will be different than what you’re used to. We have a fantastic fit20 Academy where we teach you everything you need to know.

A few highlights of our training are:

  • We want to provide an optimal stimulus to the body that results in improved fitness and health.

  • We use slow movement, high intensity strength training to achieve the optimal stimulus with every exercise.

  • We use state-of-the-art strength training equipment and one-to-one coaching to allow people of all ages to participate.

  • Our studios are modern, clean, non-intimidating and kept cool so our members don’t need to change or shower.

  • Working by appointment means members show up and rarely skip or cancel sessions, and our studios don’t have to be open all hours of the day.

Do you want more information?

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